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If you have water damage in your home or business, then you need professional water damage restoration provided by All Dry Services. We have been in business for nearly 20 years, and there is no water damage scenario that we haven’t seen and worked with successfully. Water damage doesn’t occur according to your schedule, and it will only get worse until you take action to remedy it. We are the company that will treat your home as if it were our own and give it the care, respect, and protection that we would expect.

If you think it takes a lot of water to cause a lot of damage, think again. Most water problems are the result of what starts out as a very small leak, either from a broken pipe, or a small break in the window seals around your home. By the time these issues are discovered, the damage has been inflicted. Water that is left standing for an extended period has the ability to ruin carpets, warp your flooring, stain and swell your drywall, and even damage vital home components like electrical or HVAC systems.

Even in the cases of flooding, whether it is due to severe weather or just an overflowing tub or sink, it doesn’t take much water to cause a serious problem. Even as little as an inch of standing water in your kitchen or bathroom is enough to cause thousands of dollars in damages. If leaks occur upstairs, then you are dealing with water seeping downward through wall cavities, damaging the ceilings below, and even causing premature rotting of wood and rusting of metal, both of which may easily compromise the structural integrity of the home.

Left alone, water damage also gives way to mold, a dangerous problem that appears within 72 hours of a water damage event. Mold grows rapidly, and can be very difficult to get rid of, especially since something as simple as a touch is enough to cause the mold to spread to other areas of the home. Some molds can be actively dangerous to your health and as a result require immediate removal and proper remediation. Our technicians are trained in how to deal with mold, and they know where to look for it and what to do when they find it. Not only should the mold be removed, but the affected area properly treated to improve ventilation and humidity levels in order to make sure the problem does not return.

At All Dry Services, our 24/7 availability means a technician on site within the hour, no matter when that hour happens to be. We can assess the problem facing your property and promptly begin the water removal and restoration process. This eliminates some potentially large repair bills and allows you to get back to life as normal with a minimum of disruption. All of our work is fully guaranteed, which means you and your family can sleep securely knowing that there are no other undiscovered problems waiting on you.

One of the worst water damage problems that you can face is that related to sewage damage, since sewage contains parasites, fungi, and bacteria that can cause serious discomfort and illness if exposed to humans or pets. Sewage is often referred to as Category 3 Water or Black Water, and almost always requires professional attention in order to ensure quality remediation.

At All Dry Services, we work hard to provide the best in customer service, which allows you, the property owner, to be informed and aware of everything that is happening on, in, and around your property during the restoration process. Our customer service representatives will be glad to answer any questions you may have and keep you updated as repairs progress.

The final step in the restoration process is, well, restoration. This is the returning of your property to its pre loss condition. Water can inflict a great deal of damage, and not only will surfaces have to be dried out and disinfected, but in many cases there may be damage to flooring and drywall that will need specialized attention. We will make sure that your home is left in the condition it was in before the water damage occurred.

With nearly two decades of water damage restoration experience, the professionals at All Dry Services are the go to authority in your area for all problems related to water damage, removal, repair, and restoration. Our team of service providers is fully licensed, insured, and ready to handle any and all water damage problems, both residential and commercial. We offer same day emergency service which means a technician at your door within an hour of your call, and we will work directly with your homeowner’s insurance adjuster to reduce your out of pocket costs. Water damage is the single most destructive threat that your home can face, and how quickly you address it determines how bad it can get. So don’t wait, call the professionals at All Dry Services today at (561) 747-3791 for a free estimate.

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Chris was great we had a large flood in our home, he came right out within 30 minutes and evaluated the flood. He also had his crew right behind him removing the water to stop any further damage. I would recommend Chris and his team at All Dry Services to anyone who has had a flood.

Sincerely, Chris L